It’s #factoryfriday! Today we look behind one of the large doors of our #factory (Azista BST Aerospace) in #ahmedabad#india. It’s an anechoic chamber for test and development of #satellite (and ground based) radio equipment.

A radio test chamber is a room with severely reduced reflections of electromagnetic waves. It can be used to remove background noise and allows to specifically listen in to the signals generated by the test subjects. This is useful either when hunting for bugs caused by electromagnetic interference but also when developing and testing transmitters.

It is being operated by our partner AZISTA INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED and used mainly for their purposes but we are free to use it, too whenever one of our projects needs it.

Note to the keen eyed observers: not all absorbers (pyramidal structures) are currently been installed hence you can see some naked wall sections.

Special shout out to V Vishwanathan Vedam 🙂

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