Cubesat Components

Components for the nano satellite market

  • Star Tracker- ST200

    Bus Components, Cubesat Components, Products

    The ST200 is one of the most successful star trackers in the world. More than 100 devices have been delivered...

  • Nano Satellite Air Bearing 2nd Gen.

    Cubesat Components, Ground Equipment, Products

    The NanoSat Air Bearing developed by Berlin Space Technologies is a test platform dedicated to test the attitude control system...

  • iADCS-100

    Cubesat Components, Products

    The iADCS-100 is designed as an autonomous ADCS solution in full compliance to the Cubesat Standard as it resembles a...


Together with our partner and Hyperion B.V. BST offers miniaturized components for the growing nano satellite market. Based on our experience with micro satellite systems, BST devised a new set of components especially suited for the needs of the smallest satellites.