BST Training Program

BST supports you on your endeavour to the stars. Our training programs are based on best practice and favour a stepping stone approach based on our LEOS satellites. For implementation of the LEOS Training Program collaborate with a number of Europes leading institutions for micro satellite research and our partners from Berlin Space Industry Association. Key elements are technology transfer and hands-on training. In the course of the training our trainees will design and assemble a LEOS micro satellite. A university program executed by Europes leading micro satellite research centre can optionally accompany the training program . It consists of lectures, exercises and projects in the field of small satellites. In particular that covers major topics of micro satellites (LEOS platform) and pico satellites systems.


Building a sustainable space program, requires vision, endurance and expertise. Many decissions must be taken, many of them of great significance to both success and budget of your project. Therefore it is the aim of BST to understand your needs and capabilities before starting the project. Depending on which level of independence you want to achieve: operation (level 0), system design (level 1), system assembly (level 2) or subsystem design and manufacturing (level 3) we can tailor the training accordingly. Our customer can decide wether to chose an integrated program or individual building blocks to complete their knowledge.