A key element of any star tracker is the black coating of the baffle. For our ST200 and ST400 series we are using only the best coatings such as #Vantablack from Surrey NanoSystems Ltd

Btw. did you know that BST was the first company to fly this coating in space? Yes, for our KR1 satellite we replaced one of our star tracker standard baffles with one with #Vantablack #coating and flew it as an #IOD / #IOV experiment.

The agility of BST and Surrey NanoSystems Ltd was shown as we implemented this a mere 12 weeks before launch.

Many companies build star trackers but very few have as much experience as Berlin Space Technologies GmbH. Together with our partners from Hyperion Technologies B.V. we built more than 150 star tracker systems for our customers.

One thing you should keep in mind, without a proper sized baffle and a good coating your star tracker won’t work, so you better work with the best.

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