Sometimes one looks to add a tiny camera to a tiny satellite. Then the IMS-100 from Berlin Space Technologies GmbH is the right choice. At only 30x40x40mm in size and 52g it fits into the smallest of places. It’s TLR9 since 2019 on the #ESA #OPSSAT mission.

The IMS-100 has been developed in collaboration with our partner Hyperion Technologies B.V. based on our miniature ST200 star tracker. The IMS-100 can be used for variety of applications, as a deployment camera, as viewfinder, or if you bundle multiple of them even as a multispectral camera.

The IMS-100 optical core can be combined with lenses of different focal length and BST offers multiple flight proven solutions to match different resolutions.

The 16mm lens from the ST200 achieves around 70m GSD and 130x130km Fov. The 25mm lens (as shown) has 44m GSD and 88x88km FoV. The 50mm lens achieves 22m GSD and 44x44km fov.

The camera has a USB and fast UART interface as well as a large internal storage to allow simple integration in your system.