Berlin Space Tech TV Ep. 01

In our first episode of BST TV we look onto how we automated the tests and the writing of the test report down to the click of a button.

The video has a duration of 7:00 minutes as we took a break to film our second episode (soon to be aired) while the test was running in automatic mode.


Episode 1 of BST TV


Test, Document & Repeat.

You can’t send somebody up to do the repairs. So in the space industry is all about highest quality and reducing risk. More tests, less risk. However, on many days it seems that paperwork – not satellites – are the defining factor in most projects.

A Space Industry divided cannot stand.

A life filled with Test, Document & Repeat surely there must be a better way” this believe is at the core of the new space movement. Often this results in doing less tests and less documentation which reduces the capability to which the NewSpace can contribute to traditional missions. Therefore, not less of testing and documentation but smarter ways to do so are the key to making NewSpace a vital part of the industry

The need for smarter testing

How can we strike the balance? How to produce high quality products in shorter time, with lower cost and with less effort? The answer is automation. Automation of tests and automation of documentation.

Sophisticated quality assurance (without breaking a sweat)

Test set-up For automated test

At Berlin Space Technologies we have designed automated test rigs that can run a full end to end function test at the push of a button. A test that normally takes weeks is done in a matter of hours. Furthermore after the test is successfully passed all results are compiled into a PDF document ready to be delivered to the customer. As result our test engineers now have time to focus on how to further increase the quality of our products.


Test Report

As promised the test report. Normally it would have a front page but we just wanted to show that this is possible and really the report that we generated during 30min test.

Reaction Wheel Report


No test engineer has been harmed in this video.

Outlook to Episode 2 of BST TV

The next episode Episode of BST TV will focus on how we have tackled documentation. In short we use Gitlab for almost everything.

BST TV Episode 2 Preview