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Berlin Space Technologies (BST) unveils satellite platform for mega constellations

Berlin, Paris: On the occasion of the International Astronautical Congress, Berlin Space Technologies GmbH (BST) unveils its extended LEOS-100 platform.

LEOS-100 is aims to support demanding satellite missions with 200-500kg mass. It is based on the flight proven LEOS-50 platform with which it shares its in-house made avionics.

LEOS-100 has been in the works by BST since 2019. It has been designed for low NRE, the ability to be manufactured in <1 week per unit, high reliability, and performance.

The first EM level LEOS-100 bus system will be delivered to a customer in January 2023 and mass manufacturing will be done in our new Berlin based factory starting end of June 2023.

Key Performance

LEOS-100HR LEOS-100HP LEOS-100MC Comment
Mission Profile Submeter Science, Small Radar Comm. Mega Const.
Power 300W 700-1400W Up to 6kW Solar Panel Peak Power
Payload Up to 250kg mass, 2m³ volume
SPF Free Yes Full System Redundancy
Design Life 5 years 5 years 5 years LEO

“With LEOS-100 we are extending the range of our flight proven satellite platforms”, explains Tom Segert, CEO of BST. “Development has been internally funded to suit a class of missions for which we see an increased demand.”

“The development for the extended LEOS-100 started with requests from our partners and followed two main questions: how can we re-use most of the avionics of our flight proven LEOS-50 platform, and how can we facilitate a build time of 1 week or less for one satellite in our factory” says Matthias Buhl CTO of BST. “Re-utilisation and optimisation instead of re-inventing the wheel allows for very fast mission implementation and it also shows in reduced cost” adds Björn Danziger COO.

“In the last 10 years BST sold more satellites (50+kg) that were designed and built in Germany to commercial customers than anybody else. The extension towards larger platforms of 200-500kg is the logical next step. With our technology, our heritage, and our factories there is no-one better placed than us to manufacture high fidelity micro and mini satellites at the most competitive prices” concludes Dr. Farid Gamgami, CSO of BST

About Berlin Space Technologies GmbH

Berlin Space Technologies GmbH (BST) is an internationally recognized leader in technologies for mass manufacturing of small satellite systems since 2014 and draws on the experience of the 30-year tradition of building small satellites in Berlin. BST is bootstrapped and 100% owned by its three founders, Matthias Buhl (CTO), Björn Danziger (COO) and Tom Segert (CEO). BST is vertically integrated. It designs and builds its systems and all key subsystems as well as all ground support hardware in house. In addition to its leadership in commercial satellites made in Germany, BST has delivered hundreds of satellite subsystems to international missions in the last decade. In 2019, together with its partners from Azista Aerospace pvt., BST has formed a joint venture to mass manufacture satellites in the 50-150kg class. This JV is called Azista BST Aerospace the new factory complements the JV activities and extends activities towards European markets and larger, more powerful satellites (>200-500kg class).