We are proud partners of the EgSA-Egyptian Space Agency. We are supporting EgSA in their journey towards the stars with a Level 2 capacity building program.

Back in 2015 we won the tender to support the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS) in designing and building their NExSat-1 satellite. BST has provides subsystems and services to strengthen Egyptian capabilities.

NExSat has followed the training program from Egypt-Sat 1. Unlike Egypt-Sat 1, which was a classical Level 1 program, the Egyptian engineers conducted most of the work from their own labs.

In the course of the program, Egypt went the next step with the foundation of the EgSA, the Egyptian Space Agency and per presidential order all satellite activities, teams and facilities moved from NARSS to EgSA. This included the NExSat satellite.

The satellite which is the first in a series of experimental satellites has been assembled and tested by EgSA in Egypt. It is now in Berlin as BST won the contract to do the mechanical qualification test.

After a series of functional tests, to make sure that the satellite has not been damaged by the journey from Egypt to Germany, it will be put on the shaker. After successful passing of the test we will conduct again a full functioning test, send it back to Egypt.

From there it will travel to the launch pad in China and will be launched into space in June this year.

We are very happy to see the project come to a successful conclusion and will share with you over the next few days pictures of the satellite.

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