Ok, now do we have a new on board computer but how do we verify it in space? At Berlin Space Technologies GmbH we generally do internal test flights on our own missions. This is not unlike the strategy that Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) has pioneered where you would exchange about 10% of your hardware in every mission.

In the picture you can see a standard CDH-110 during acceptance test on the shaker. The CDH-110 normally contains four boards, the middle two boards are the On-Board-Computer (OBC-110) which handles scheduling and telemetry and the Attitude-Control-Computer (ACC-110) handles all sensors and actuators of the satellite.

The lower board contains the control electronics for the magnetorquers and finally the upper board normally contains the High Performance OBC (HP-OBC -> runs customer Linux).

In this mission (1st satellite of our Indian Factory) we have however replaced this board with the OBC-200 IOD experiment. So there you have it. We not only have dedicated IOD slots in our satellites we also can replace individual boards inside our components when we want to fly new stuff.

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